Thermoplastic is the most widely used traffic marking on roads and commercial parking lot symbols. Due to their enhanced safety, durability and cost-effectiveness, thermoplastic markings are a great choice for pavement markings needs.
Preformed Thermoplastic Example

Preformed Thermoplastic arrow turn lane in Kent, WA.

Thermoplastic comes in preformed packages that have already had the components melted, extruded into sheets, and pre-cut at the manufacturing plant before shipment. It can then be applied to paved surfaces using heat; creating a highly visible and reflective marking that is long-lasting and extra durable. Thermoplastic technology is based on either alkyd or hydrocarbon resins and contains a significant portion of premix glass beads. This combination makes it ideal for road signage as it is durable in even high traffic situations. Road surfaces suffered by the sun and rain or the snow and ice are optimal surfaces for the use of thermoplastic. Primarily used for non-long line applications; it is also extremely helpful for intersections and transverse markings such as arrows, symbols, messages, stop bars, crosswalks and occasionally handicap (ADA) symbols. 3 Advantages of Thermoplastic Signage:

Enhanced Safety

The most beneficial asset to using thermoplastic signage is the added safety it provides. Thermoplastic markings can be
Extruded Thermoplastic Example

Extruded Thermoplastic arrows at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, WA.

made highly reflective allowing for optimal sight during the darkest of nights and the worst of storms where poor visibility is poor. Utilizing multiple layers to create rumble strips helps alert drivers of upcoming danger or need to reduce speed, resulting in safer areas for pedestrians and fewer accidents.

Highly Durable

Thermoplastic markings will last much longer than ordinary traffic paint. Durability like this allows business owners and maintenance crews more time between applications. While ensuring the pavement markings still look great. This extended life leas us to the next advantage of Thermoplastic markings.

Cost Effective

Thermoplastic signage is more durable and long-lasting than ordinary traffic paint. Which means it needs to be replaced less often. This means it is a more cost-effective solution for business owners.  The overall benefits of applying thermoplastic markings are an advantage not only to the business owners but to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike. Let the experts at Stripe Rite, Inc. help you decide about using thermoplastic on your next project. With over 35 years of experience, we can help give your property some curb appeal.
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