5 Benefits of Line Striping | Flawless Parking Lots

Seal Coat and Striping

Parking lot flaws, like faded line striping, can become an unsightly mess that leaves a bad impression on visitors. Timely repair and maintenance are, therefore, a must for businesses. Proper upkeep, such a crack seal, seal coating and line striping, can reduce your parking lot maintenance costs. Line striping is just one of the expert-level services we offer at Stripe Rite. Therefore, we would like to share the four benefits of line striping. 


Line striping is important to the safety of the drivers and pedestrians. Well-defined crosswalks ensure the drivers and pedestrians watch out for each other to reach their destination without incident. The goal being to have a clearly defined visual message for drivers and pedestrians.

Aid Better Traffic Flow

Pavement markings, typically arrows and stop lines, are essential in helping to direct the flow of one-way traffic. This ultimately limits driver confusion that may lead to traffic jams and creating agitated customers. In result, may bypass your business in the future to avoid the parking headache. 

Maximize Your Space

Line stalls clearly marked on asphalt pavement will go a long way in increasing that capacity of your parking lot. A carefully planned parking lot striping job will make sure that you are making the most of every square foot.

Parking Stalls ADA

Curb Appeal

Over time, parking lots lines will fade under the constant exposure of the elements and traffic in the lot itself. The contrast of the black pavement against the crisp white, yellow and blue lines found on most parking lot markings make quite a statement. A freshly stripped parking lot helps maintain curb appeal of your facility and set you apart from places with old, faded striping.

Handicapped Spacing & Access

Good parking lot striping will clearly denote these spaces. Making sure that you are offering convenience for handicapped visitors and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act mandated standards.

If your commercial parking lot could use some rejuvenation, contact the striping experts at Stripe Rite today! We will make sure your lot is safe, properly spaced, and ADA-compliant. With over 35 years of striping experience in the state of Washington, we are the striping pros you can trust.