Road Signage

Here at Stripe Rite, we know roads. From maintenance to improvements, signage to crack filling, we’ve got the expertise and ability to get your roads ready for summer. Here are a few common road issues that summer brings us that we can help with.

Crack Sealing

Water is the main cause of cracks in the pavement. Here in the Pacific Northwest, our summers reflect winter’s moisture, causing cracks that make roads more dangerous if they aren’t dealt with. Stripe Rite’s crack sealing service smooths and extends the life of pavement riddled with cracks by preventing water intrusion. The molten temperatures used for the sealant application means it drys fast, making the sealing process a quick one! March to November is the prime sealing season, so why not handle any pesky cracks before they turn dangerous this summer.

Pavement Marking

Clear road markings improve the flow of traffic which increases roadway safety and efficiency. At Stripe Rite we offer a variety of pavement marking products for roadways, parking garages, and playgrounds, to name a few.

Traffic & Road Signage

Traffic and road signage is vital to any thriving, safe transportation network. In addition to improving road safety, signage makes traffic flow more efficiently. Stripe Rite is on the Washington State Qualified Product List (WSDOT QPL), which gives us the ability to make and install necessary highway and parking lot signage.

No matter what kind of road safety or asphalt maintenance services you’re looking for this summer, Stripe Rite is here to help! Find out more about our services to learn more about how our team can help find solutions for your roadway.

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Founded in 1984, Stripe Rite is the leading full-service pavement marking company in the State of Washington. We have strategically located branch offices throughout the state in order to provide a local presence and reliable services to meet the time-sensitive needs of our customers. Stripe Rite has the reputation and infrastructure to complete any size project, from parking lots to parking garages, and local roads to state highways. We are experts in Curbs and Wheel Stops, Pavement Marking and Removal, Parking Lot Maintenance, Crack Filling and Sealcoating, Asphalt Patching and Paving, and Road Safety Improvements. In addition, Stripe Rite also offers Traffic Control services (available in Kennewick and Yakima) and has two Signage shops (located in Yakima and Spokane). We continue to evolve with the times to remain an industry leader you can rely on every day. We look forward to serving you.
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