Sealcoat | The What and The Why

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. As a business owner, your parking lot is the best reflection of your company. As customers pull up to your business, you want your parking lot to have sealcoat and be striped. According to smoother pavements result in longer pavement life. They last as...
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Work Zone Safety Crew

Work Zone Collisions | Reducing the Threat

There is no mistaking the cones, barrels and barriers dotting our roadways. It is the awakening of Spring, bringing us brightly refreshed, striped roadways and blooming orange signs of construction. However, with the emergence of construction comes the threat of work zone collisions. Distracted and inattentive driving remains one of the top causes of crashes...
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Construction Week

Women in Construction | A Viable Component

The month of March is much more than St. Patrick’s Day, green beer, and shenanigans. It also has a week for appreciating women in construction! It has a week to highlight females as the important component of the construction industry that they are. Only 9.9% of the construction workforce in the US is women. The...
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Stripe Rite Spokane Sign Shop

Vital Signs | How Signage Contributes to Sales

The attraction power of good signage has positive effects on consumer actions. Signs are an extremely important element to making a great first impression for a business. According to consumers, small businesses should have an average of two or three signs around their storefront. Strengthens Your Brand Having high-quality signage that is attractive and unique...
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Propane Torch Applied Thermoplastic

3 Advantages of Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic is the most widely used traffic marking on roads and commercial parking lot symbols. Due to their enhanced safety, durability and cost-effectiveness, thermoplastic markings are a great choice for pavement markings needs. Thermoplastic comes in preformed packages that have already had the components melted, extruded into sheets, and pre-cut at the manufacturing plant before...
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Seal Coat and Striping

5 Benefits of Line Striping | Flawless Parking Lots

Parking lot flaws, like faded line striping, can become an unsightly mess that leaves a bad impression on visitors. Timely repair and maintenance are, therefore, a must for businesses. Proper upkeep, such a crack seal, seal coating and line striping, can also reduce your parking lot maintenance costs. Line striping is just one of the...
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Seal Coat Driveway | Tacoma, WA

Thankful To Be Essential | Construction and Covid-19

Thankful For Being Essential During This Difficult Year. The year of the Covid-19 has not been the best of days for majority of the world. The coronavirus crisis has overturned all our lives. Socializing has been put to a stop. Some are working from home. Our kids are learning in virtual classrooms. The massive closure...
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Winterizing Maintained Asphalt Parking Lots

Maintain Your Asphalt Parking Lot | Tips For Winterizing

Maintaining your asphalt parking lot is critical with winter on its way and snow will be here sooner than you think. Of all the things that winter brings to your business, snow is a tricky one to work around. At Stripe Rite we offer parking lot maintenance services such as asphalt patching, de-icing, and snow removal....
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Punny for Our Construction Crews | National Construction Appreciation Week 2020

What do doughnuts, breakfast burritos, a barbeque, and Starbucks gift cards have in common? They each had a part in showing the construction workers at Stripe Rite that we acknowledge everything they do. September 14-18 was National Construction Workers Appreciation week and every branch stepped up and showed our crews that the work they do...
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