Parking Lot

How Parking Lot Etiquette and Maintenance Creates a Smoother Ride for Us All

Stripe Rite’s top tips for motorists and businesses on staying safe and sane in the parking lot. Did you know that 14% of all collision claims filed with auto insurance companies are for incidents that occurred in parking lots? Or that as many as 500 deaths occur every year in parking lots? How about the...
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Why Sweeping and Cleaning is Important for Your Parking Lot

For many businesses, the parking lot isn’t your first priority. Running a business requires wearing many hats, juggling many balls, and ticking many boxes. From sales to marketing to HR, it can be easy to let secondary concerns like your parking lot fall by the wayside. However, maintaining your parking lot actually has several business...
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Funny Sign Meanings

What Does That Sign Mean? Unusual and Funny Traffic Signs

At Stripe Rite, one of our main goals is to ensure safe travel across our great state of Washington. One of the primary tools that make our mission a reality is the use of traffic signs. Everyone is familiar with traffic lights, and the iconic STOP sign, but there are many other traffic signs we...
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Tired of Traffic? Here’s How We Can Help

Is there anything worse than messy traffic areas? It’s irritating, it’s anxiety-inducing, it is no fun. Stripe Rite’s Traffic Control division offers the services you need to keep traffic flowing. What is Traffic Control? Traffic control is any kind of tool or technology that is used to manipulate the flow of traffic on a roadway...
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Curbs: The Unsung Heroes of the Roadway

What exactly is the role of a curb? A few key functions of curbs include keeping roadways and parking lots safe, improving their appearances, as well as making effective and efficient use of space. Stripe Rite installs curbs and wheel stops to maintain road safety and improve parking lot navigation. In today’s post, we’ll dive...
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Parking Lot Safety

Who Are GNR Technologies, and What Do They Do?

In the road safety industry, few things are more important than having reliable materials that our customers can trust. Our team of technicians has the skills and expertise to correctly and successfully complete your project by using the best products on the market. When it comes to our suppliers, we want to ensure full customer...
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Road Signage

Are Your Roads Ready For Summer?

Here at Stripe Rite, we know roads. From maintenance to improvements, signage to crack filling, we’ve got the expertise and ability to get your roads ready for summer. Here are a few common road issues that summer brings us that we can help with. Crack Sealing Water is the main cause of cracks in the...
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Parking Lot Safety for Property Managers

Property managers have a duty to ensure that the properties they manage are safe for public use. The parking lot is one area that tends to get overlooked until it’s too late to repair. From cracks and potholes to puddling water, there are many safety hazards that property managers should be aware of. These issues...
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Road Markings 101

Have you ever given any thought to who came up with road markings or why they exist? If you’re like most people, you probably think that road markings are painted on the road to ensure traffic flow and safety – and you’re 100% right. Unless you’re headed down a dirt road, almost every single public...
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