It’s hard to imagine life without asphalt. It covers our roads, parking lots, and even airport runways. Asphalt allows for vehicles to drive on a smooth surface and offers superior protection against rain, snow, and ice. The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) estimates that around 796,000 miles of roads and over 90% of all parking...
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Highway maintenance workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in America. They’re tasked with performing construction on busy highways or intersections that have been transformed into a literal maze of barrels, cones, and sudden lane changes. The chances of an accident occurring are very real. For the average motorist, highway work zones represent nothing...
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Most parking lot owners tend to think of asphalt as a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing.  It’s a considerable expense to have a parking lot repaved, and once it’s done, most people tend to forget about it until the calendar says it’s time to have it repaved again. By performing a little bit of parking lot...
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Parking lots. Many property owners and management companies view them as necessary evils that are required by building code yet take up valuable real estate space that could otherwise be leased or sold off. If you’ve ever visited a strip mall or commercial parking lot and came across potholes, faded paint lines, and confusing traffic...
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If you were to ask anyone at the offices of Stripe Rite about asphalt, they would tell you one of many tales about the various exciting jobs we’ve completed, or the fascinating way asphalt marking is performed. But for many people, asphalt paving (especially big jobs that cause traffic delays) is more of a nuisance...
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Due to weather and everyday wear and tear, parking lot pavement markings can fade over time. Faded markings not only show neglect, but it may also affect the safety of motorists, pedestrians and employees on your property. Fresh parking lot striping or line striping is not just important for curb appeal. It helps to direct...
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Lines, markings and symbols on the roadway can indicate a number of things to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. In a parking lot, lines usually indicate where you can and cannot park. Out on the road, pavement markings can be more complex. However, we all need these indications to travel safely. Without them, there would be...
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As the temperature begins to drop in November, many of us start looking forward to the season ahead. During the winter months in the Pacific Northwest, you can typically expect a healthy amount of snowfall across Washington, especially east of the Cascade Mountains. Preparing your parking lot for the winter is important to maintaining the...
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When you are creating or renovating the parking lot on your commercial property, the layout must provide your customers and employees with an optimal parking experience. There are many factors that go into a safe and efficient parking lot, such as well-marked parking stalls and safety signs. However, many property managers don’t fully understand the...
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First impressions are undeniably important. Your parking lot is one of the first things that customers see when they pull in. Here at Stripe Rite, we believe that a well-marked parking lot will enhance the appearance of your property, business or store front. A freshly-striped parking lot shows that you care about your business and...
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Founded more than 30 years ago, Stripe Rite is the leading full-service pavement marking company in the State of Washington. We have strategically located offices throughout the State in order to provide our customers with a local presence and focus on completing projects. Additionally, these locations allow us to provide reliable services to meet the time-sensitive needs of our customer base. Working on projects of all sizes, Stripe Rite has the reputation and scale to complete projects from parking lots to parking garages, local roads to state highways.

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