Curbs: The Unsung Heroes of the Roadway

What exactly is the role of a curb? A few key functions of curbs include keeping roadways and parking lots safe, improving their appearances, as well as making effective and efficient use of space. Stripe Rite installs curbs and wheel stops to maintain road safety and improve parking lot navigation. In today’s post, we’ll dive a little deeper into why curbs are so important.

Increased Safety for Pedestrians

Curbs contribute to increased pedestrian safety in two ways; by delineating between the road and the sidewalk and by offering a drainage channel for water runoff.

Without a curb, pedestrians are in more danger of being hit by vehicles. Nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed by cars in 2017 — that’s one fatality every 88 minutes! Without a curb, it is difficult for both cars and pedestrians to decipher where the road, parking lot or parking spot end and where the sidewalk begins. At Stripe Rite, we also use wheel stops as a curbing strategy for keeping vehicles in their designated areas.

Curbs are also used to channel runoff water from rain or melted snow and ice, into storm drains. Clear, dry sidewalks offer pedestrians a safe place to walk and when used in parking lot islands, they keep drivers safe from ice or flooding.

Improved Appearance

In addition to increasing safety, curbs also serve to improve the appearance of a roadway or parking lot. Aesthetically, the firm border created by a curb eliminates the awkward grey or gravely area between pavement and grass.

At Stripe Rite we install extruded concrete curbs. Extruded curbs are an ideal option for parking lots, driveways, roundabouts and other low-speed roadways. An extruded curb is a mixture of sand, concrete, and water that is pushed through a mold to create a consistent, shapely curb. Extruded curbs offer a number of benefits, they are less costly, take less time to build and since they are made from only sand, cement, and water, they have a smoother surface.

Learn more about our curb and wheel stop projects on our website.

Effective and Efficient use of Space

Curbs are a great way to keep parking lots organized and efficient, because of how they clearly separate parking spots and driving areas. Proper curbs can help you use your parking lot more effectively and efficiently. At Stripe Rite we curb islands that are placed along roadways to separate traffic and clearly define traffic direction. In parking lots, we install islands to provide drivers with a clear path for entering and exiting, as well as to demarcate parking spots.

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