Why are Curbs & Wheel Stops Important? | Washington Pavement Marking Company

When you are creating or renovating the parking lot on your commercial property, the layout must provide your customers and employees with an optimal parking experience. There are many factors that go into a safe and efficient parking lot, such as well-marked parking stalls and safety signs. However, many property managers don’t fully understand the importance of curbs and wheel stops.

Curbs and wheel stops are important safety measures for your property’s parking lot, both for drivers and pedestrians. We’ve listed our top three reasons why you should install curbs and wheel stops with Stripe Rite:

Wheel stops in a commercial parking lot

1. Prevents Fender Benders in Your Commercial Parking

Wheel stops are placed in parking stalls to prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks, medians or other restricted areas. By physically obstructing a car’s wheels, they keep drivers from pulling through a parking space or attempting other risky maneuvers. This prevents damage to buildings, sidewalks, delicate landscape and other vehicles. Wheel stops can provide protection for other motorized vehicles, such as forklift trucks, when operating in factories and warehouses.

2. Helps to Improve the Flow of Traffic

For many property owners, there is a good chance that your parking lot is busy during peak hours of the day. This includes both customers and employees driving in-and-out of the property. To help guide the flow of traffic, curbs and wheel stops are needed to structure your parking lot in the most efficient way, while maintaining both federal and state safety codes.

3. Enhances the Overall Look of Your Commercial Parking Lot

With more than 30 years of experience in the pavement marking industry, we know that customers appreciate the aesthetic value of a well-maintained and properly managed parking lot. Installing curbs and wheel stops is a great way to enhance the overall look of your parking lot. Extruded curbs are usually used for enclosing parking lots, around the edges and planters. Along with safety, extruded curbs aid in water retention and help maintain the look of your parking lot landscape.

Curbs & Wheel Stops at Washington’s Stripe Rite

Here at Stripe Rite, we provide curbs and wheel stops in concrete, plastic and rubber to meet just about everyone’s need. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best type of pavement markings for your business’ needs. Our high quality curbs or wheel stops provide long service life and durability to guarantee many years of use. Contact one of our Washington offices now to talk to one of our knowledgeable estimators.