Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all workers of every field!

We appreciate every worker in every field. You deserve to enjoy this long Labor Day Weekend! Have fun and be safe everyone! ??

Be Safe, have fun, and keep up the good work. You are appreciated!

Stripe Rite is very proud of our employees! Check out our gallery of work to see how awesome they are! They make us what we are and so please go to our facebook page, or the branches google page that served you, and leave a comment and review to let us know how great their work is!
What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is the first Monday in September and is a creation of the labor movement. It is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Therefore it constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Because they do so much we must celebrate them undoubtedly every year.

When was the first Labor Day?

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union. The Central Labor Union therefor held its second Labor Day holiday just a year later, on September 5, 1883. Subsequently by 1894, 23 more states had adopted the holiday, and on June 28, 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed a law making the first Monday in September of each year a national holiday.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all workers of every field!

“It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.” — Theodore Roosevelt.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

“Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.” – Booker T. Washington

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi