Puddle from Poor Asphalt DrainageMost parking lot owners tend to think of asphalt as a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing.  It’s a considerable expense to have a parking lot repaved, and once it’s done, most people tend to forget about it until the calendar says it’s time to have it repaved again.

By performing a little bit of parking lot maintenance every year, property owners can save tens of thousands of dollars in repaving costs over the course of ten years. We’re going to look at several things parking lot owners can do to not only extend the life of their asphalt parking lot but save a ton of money while doing so.


Asphalt Drainage

The next time you head off to the grocery store or local mall, take some time to check out the asphalt in the parking lot. Is it smooth or are there potholes and low-lying areas where water from rain and irrigation can collect?

These low-lying areas allow for water to pool up, which can turn into a great big block of ice in the wintertime. As the water freezes and melts, it gets inside small cracks of which the expanding and contracting of the ice causes it to turn into more significant cracks.

Having a properly working parking lot drainage system can prevent water from pooling up and damaging the underlying asphalt. It should quickly and efficiently channel water from the parking lot to the nearby curb or grassy area.


Benefits of Efficient Drainage

When it rains or when the maintenance crews accidentally over-water the surrounding grass areas, standing pools of water can be created in parking lots with poor drainage.

In addition to damaging the asphalt and support structure under the asphalt, a pool of water in a public parking lot is not only unsightly but a potential safety hazard.  Slips and falls can quickly occur in puddles a fraction of an inch deep.


Costs of Poor Drainage

Water is the #1 enemy of an asphalt parking lot. When combined with sunlight, ice, and cold weather, a parking lot with poor draining can find itself with multiple potholes that can spring up overnight.

Not only is pothole repair expensive and time-consuming, but it can have serious legal implications if someone accidentally trips over one or causes damage to their car tires.

Small cracks in the asphalt allow the water to seep inside and cause mayhem and destruction. A trained asphalt professional can help you find small cracks and other hidden damage before they can threaten the integrity and safety of your parking lot.


How to Prevent Drainage Issues?

The best way to prevent water from pooling up in your parking lot is to create an asphalt drainage mitigation plan and have the professionals come in and patch every single crack and hole.

At Stripe Rite, we have a custom crack sealing and filling service that can help prevent water and ice from weakening the base and subgrade of the asphalt.

Performing spot-maintenance on your parking lot asphalt is much cheaper than having to shut down the businesses and pay for an entire parking lot repave every few years.


Pavement Crack Sealing and Filling

A little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way. If your parking lot is starting to look like a mine field, or you’d like to talk to an expert on how to prolong the life of your asphalt, give us a call at any of our offices or contact us via our website.

At Stripe Rite, we specialize in pavement marking and maintenance. Call us today to learn more about how our services can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

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