Parking Lot Safety for Property Managers

Property managers have a duty to ensure that the properties they manage are safe for public use. The parking lot is one area that tends to get overlooked until it’s too late to repair. From cracks and potholes to puddling water, there are many safety hazards that property managers should be aware of. These issues...
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Road Markings 101

Have you ever given any thought to who came up with road markings or why they exist? If you’re like most people, you probably think that road markings are painted on the road to ensure traffic flow and safety – and you’re 100% right. Unless you’re headed down a dirt road, almost every single public...
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Stripe Rite Services All Areas of Washington State

For the past 35 years, Stripe Rite has served the entirety of Washington state and beyond. We started in 1984 with just a handful of people and a few trucks, with a primary focus of installing extruded curbs and painting parking lots. Our success has been built on providing excellent quality and reliable service, no...
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Does your roadway require safety improvements?

Roadway Safety Each year, there are thousands of traffic accidents on Washington roadways. In 2017, there were approximately 121,000. These traffic accidents resulted in millions of dollars in property damage, medical care, and legal settlements. Leading accident causes are poor roadway conditions, inclement weather, and driver error. By performing regular maintenance on our highways and...
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When does asphalt need to be replaced?

The Pacific Northwest experiences wet weather almost year-round.  While the moisture is great for our trees and environment, it can wreak havoc on asphalt pavement. Water and ice are two of the most destructive elements to asphalt. They can turn a small crack into a major pothole in a matter of a few days. We’re...
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What’s in a sign? How new signage helps.

Traffic safety and directional signs are a vital component of regulating the highways, streets, and parking lots of our community. Without them, traffic and commerce would come to a standstill. Road signs also play a critical role in traffic and pedestrian safety. The raising of speed limits has been studied extensively over the years and...
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Is your school’s parking lot safe enough?

School parking lots are one aspect of school safety that’s sometimes overlooked by parents, administrators, and even the maintenance staff. What many people don’t realize is that a school parking lot can be a dangerous place for children and pedestrians alike, due in part to the high volume of car traffic before and after school....
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What Is Seal Coating and How Can It Protect Your Asphalt?

It’s hard to imagine life without asphalt. It covers our roads, parking lots, and even airport runways. Asphalt allows for vehicles to drive on a smooth surface and offers superior protection against rain, snow, and ice. The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) estimates that around 796,000 miles of roads and over 90% of all parking...
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5 tips for safer winter roads

Five Tips for Safer Winter Roads in Your Community

Wintertime in the Pacific Northwest means snow, rain, and the occasional ice storm. The inclement weather can very quickly lead to unsafe situations for all drivers on the road. While it’s up to the motorists to maintain a safe following distance and drive with caution, community managers also play a role in keeping drivers safe....
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