Stripe Rite’s top tips for motorists and businesses on staying safe and sane in the parking lot.

Parking Lot

Did you know that 14% of all collision claims filed with auto insurance companies are for incidents that occurred in parking lots? Or that as many as 500 deaths occur every year in parking lots? How about the fact that in Seattle, Washington, motorists spend an average of 58 hours a year looking for parking. Needless to say, parking lots can be stressful environments where social graces tend to go out the (car) window.

How can we improve the way we treat each other in a parking lot environment, and what role do businesses and designers play in keeping these public spaces safe and organized? Keep reading to find out!

When entering a busy parking lot in your vehicle, (or on a motorcycle,) there are many obstacles to overcome before finding the perfect spot. Navigating, following parking lot markers, maintaining a safe speed, watching for pedestrians and cars pulling in and out of spaces are just a few. Especially if you’re on a schedule or if the weather is bad, this can be a harrowing experience.

As a driver or pedestrian, here are our top tips for staying safe (and sane) in the parking lot:

  1. Obey the speed limit! Many parking lots have speed limit signage posted, but if not, remember the rule of thumb is 15 mph.
  2. Don’t take up more than one space. “Double-parking” is not only rude to your fellow drivers, but it’s against the law and can get you a ticket! Make sure your vehicle is parked within the guidelines of the parking spot, and that you are situated evenly within the lines, not too close to the spot on either side. If you pull in at an angle, there’s no shame in backing out and trying again. It’s worth it to avoid damaging your car or someone else’s by parking too close!
  3. Keep your eyes peeled. Even if you are driving slowly, parking lots can be full of surprises like pedestrians, small children, or runaway shopping carts. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings while seeking out a spot or backing out of one, and avoid distractions such as texting.

Parking lot safety and sanity doesn’t fall on the shoulders of drivers alone. Businesses and real estate owners have a responsibility to keep these spaces safe by providing and maintaining certain features as well. When designing or updating your parking lot, the following features are essential to keeping your customers safe and happy.

  1. Pavement marking. Clear pavement markings help direct traffic, provide order and help to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike. We offer a variety of pavement marking services including parking lot striping and parking lot marking paint.
  2. Signage and wayfinding. In addition to posting a speed limit sign, it can be incredibly helpful to mark the roadway of the lot to show drivers the ideal flow of traffic. This can help keep things moving along and prevent traffic jams.
  3. Maintenance. An unkempt, unsafe parking lot can dissuade customers from frequenting your business. However, a smooth driving surface free of cracks and potholes, clearly marked signage, and removal of snow and ice will keep your customers feeling cared for and provide a pleasant experience from the moment they drive onto your property.

Keeping these tips in mind can keep the parking lot experience hassle free for motorists and business owners alike. And for all of your parking lot maintenance needs, we’re here to help!

At Stripe Rite, we’re proud to be Washington’s leading pavement marking company, and we are committed to providing our clients with safe and speedy service. Whether your parking lot or garage needs a few repairs and updates or you’re envisioning a full redesign, we’re here to plan and execute a project that suits your needs.

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