Preparing for Parking Lot Striping | Kitsap Pavement Marking Experts

Due to weather and everyday wear and tear, parking lot pavement markings can fade over time. Faded markings not only show neglect, but it may also affect the safety of motorists, pedestrians and employees on your property.

Fresh parking lot striping or line striping is not just important for curb appeal. It helps to direct the flow of traffic for anyone traveling in and out of your parking lot. Striping clearly outlines parking stalls to maximize space. This is especially important to ensure proper access for handicapped drivers.

While winter in Kitsap County may not be the best time to start your parking lot striping project, it’s helpful to understand what to expect. Stripe Rite’s team in Bremerton has outlined how to prepare for parking lot striping, so you can be ready this spring and summer.

Empy parking lot garage with striping

Inspect Parking Lot for Damage

Before the pavement marking process gets started, check for any asphalt potholes or cracks. These damaged areas can make it difficult to paint and can also become an obstacle to maneuver around. Cracks in the pavement allow for water to seep in.and  iIf the water gets in and freezes due to low temperatures, it can expand and further destroy the asphalt. As long as the pavement is dry, crack sealing and filling prior to striping is a great solution for this issue.

Sweep Away Parking Lot Debris

Having a clean parking lot is critical to effective striping. It’s common for parking lots to be filled with dirt, vegetation and trash. Prior to starting your project, our team at Stripe Rite recommends cleaning the property to remove any loose debris. Once the lot has been cleaned and dried, we can then start the painting process.

Arrange for Parking 

Before your striping project begins in dry weather, make sure to arrange alternative parking for your employees, clients or tenants. All vehicles will need to be removed from the premises prior to the job. Depending on the size of your parking lot, the area may need to be roped off for an extended period of time. This time allows for the lot to be prepped and time for the paint to dry.

Contact Your Kitsap County Stripe Rite Office

With more than 30 years of experience, Stripe Rite is the leading pavement marking company for the Kitsap County area. We provide dedicated parking lot striping services from our Bremerton location. Whether it’s a commercial parking lot or a large airfield, Stripe Rite has the equipment, skill and knowledge to handle your striping needs. Contact us today to learn more about our pavement marking services and how we can support you.