Preparing Your Parking Lot for Winter | Washington Pavement Company

As the temperature begins to drop in November, many of us start looking forward to the season ahead. During the winter months in the Pacific Northwest, you can typically expect a healthy amount of snowfall across Washington, especially east of the Cascade Mountains.

Preparing your parking lot for the winter is important to maintaining the highest level of safety for your customers and employees. It can also help you avoid costly repairs in the future. However, the key is to start preparing before the first snow storm hits. By following our expert recommendations, you may save yourself time, energy and money this season.

Snow flake in the winter

Crack Sealing and Filling in the Fall

Before the cold hits, it’s important to have all of your cracks and potholes repaired. This will seal water out of the pavement. Water can seep into small cracks or holes in your parking lot. When water freezes, it expands and causes further damage to your parking lot. It can even destroy your asphalt. Crack sealing and filling can be done in the winter, as long as it is dry.

Check Your Drainage

This winter, be sure to check the drainage in your parking lot. Proper drainage gives the water a place to go, so it doesn’t sit on top of the surface and cause moisture damage. To avoid pooling and standing water, have your drainage system inspected before winter begins.

Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

When it comes to preparing your parking lot for the winter months, don’t forget to keep it clean. This can be done by sweeping, rinsing or using a pressure washer. Along with improving the look and safety of your parking lot, it helps ease the snow removal process. Cleaning debris can also uncover any hidden cracks, potholes or damage that is hidden by debris. It’s important to clean up any chemical spills which can damage sealant, such as oil or gasoline.

Contact Yakima or Kennewick Stripe Rite this Season

Despite how durable it is, asphalt pavement can suffer significant wear and tear throughout winter. If you do not have the time, energy or equipment to remove excess ice and snow on your own, recruit the help of Stripe Rite. We offer parking lot maintenance services in Eastern Washington, such as snow removal and de-icing. If you have any questions on preparing your parking lot for winter not covered in this article, feel free to contact our office.