School Parking Lots | Signed, Sealed & Striped

Tapteal Elementary - Kennewick, WA

School is back in session for students of all ages.  Whether for children, teenagers or adults, it is important for school complexes to remain safe and free of hazards. This extends to the outer areas of every school, including playgrounds, sports complexes, walkways and parking lots.

As school parking lots begin to deteriorate and become damaged, maintenance can be overlooked or put on the back burner. This neglect only increases the damage and, eventually, time and cost to repair.

School Parking Lot Hazards

Several pedestrian dangers lurk in school parking lots, especially during the peak times of drop-offs and pick-ups. The most common school ground hazards in pavement that threaten both students and traffic safety include:

  • Potholes
  • Large cracks
  • Deep crevices
  • Crumbed pavement and sidewalks
  • Degraded curbs
  • Faded road striping
  • Unclear crosswalks and bus lanes
  • Insufficient signs

Potholes remain the most common problem in parking lots. They can vary in size and cause damage to vehicles along with being the origin of many slips, trips and fall injuries for students. Drivers and pedestrians can also have issues with large cracks and crevices. When school parking lots become deteriorated with crumbling curbs, opportunities for accidents and injuries become regular occurrences.

Faded Striping and Signage

School Parking lot and playground striping
Christ the King playground and parking lot markings in Richland, WA.

Meanwhile, on college campuses parking spaces can be scarce. What happens when a parking lot is in so desperate need of restriping that it makes it difficult to park correctly and obtain one parking spot? Just as dangerous as falling-apart pavement is the fading of road striping and signage. When bus lanes, crosswalks, parking stalls and traffic paint are washed out and unclear there is a potential for accidents. Discolored signage can always cause issues for drivers and pedestrians. If school signs do not meet new fire code or ADA standards, the school can be placed under violation which could lead to monetary penalties.

However, all these hazards are preventable and the talented crews at Stripe Rite can help repair your cracks and degraded curbs, and reseal the asphalt of your lot to a like-new pristine. We can restripe all your parking stalls, ADA handicap parking, crosswalks, bus lanes, fire lanes and stop lines. Let us replace your faded signage and install brand new reflective signs. Contact us today — we’re your one-stop solution to revitalizing your school parking lot.