Sealcoat | The What and The Why


You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. As a business owner, your parking lot is the best reflection of your company. As customers pull up to your business, you want your parking lot to have sealcoat and be striped.

According to smoother pavements result in longer pavement life. They last as much as 10 to 25 percent longer than rough pavements. This results in lower maintenance cost by implementing a consistent sealcoating program. A smoothness measurement on interstate highways in Oregon and Washington found that over 50% were smoother in Washington as opposed to 33% in Oregon.

Sequim Sealcoat
Driveway sealcoat in Sequim, WA

As a Washington based company, we are in an area with extreme weather temperatures depending on the region. Your asphalt driveways, parking lots, walkways and roads all need to be maintained. When asphalt is left unsealed to bake in the sun, ultraviolet rays destroy the strength and flexibility of the asphalt, leaving it brittle and cracked. These cracks, even hairline cracks, absorb water from rain and snow melting. The addition of the freeze and thaw cycle of our seasons make the asphalt expand and contract creating continuing deterioration. Not to mention creating a hazard for pedestrians and traffic areas which would present a liability to you as the owner of the property. Sealcoating should be a part of your home or business’ preventative maintenance program. 

What is Sealcoat?

Sealcoating is a thin liquid layer added over a paved surface to protect it from damage caused by UV rays, rain and snow, and fluids from vehicles. Seal coating will not cure existing issues, like cracks, but it will help prevent such damage from forming in the first place. A properly applied sealcoat is essential in extending the life of asphalt paving. 

Why Sealcoat?

8 Important Benefits of Sealcoating

  1. Save Money. Sealcoating can double – or even triple – the life of your asphalt.
  2. Provides a barrier to salts, chemicals and petroleum products which break down asphalt.
  3. Is waterproof – seals out moisture that can erode the base beneath the asphalt.
  4. Improves crack resistance – keeps asphalt flexible so it does not crack or break.
  5. Beautification – gives a new, black finish that increases property value.
  6. Cures quickly for less interruption of traffic or business flow.
  7. Faster clean up – well-maintained pavement is easier to keep clean.
  8. Sunblock. Prevents asphalt surface oxidation by forming a tough protective skin. 

If you want to keep your asphalt surface smooth, functional, and attractive you might consider a sealcoating application. With more than 35 years of experience, Stripe Rite can offer you a free detailed quote on your next sealcoating project.