Stripe Rite Curbs & Wheel Stops

Stripe Rite Curbs & Wheel Stops are an important addition to any lot. Safety is our top priority. Consequently, by adding our Extruded Curbs, Precast Traffic Curbs or Wheel Stops in a variety of materials, you can help protect people, vehicles, landscaping, buildings and more!
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Extruded CurbS

Extruded Curbs can be found in a number of different locations. For example, they are used for landscape islands, bordering parking lots, water retention and more!
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Precast Traffic CurbS

There are many different styles and shapes of Precast Curbs. This type of curbing is typically used to separate different traffic lanes and painted for a visual aid, therefore keeping everyone on the road safe.
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Wheel Stops
Wheel Stops are in just about every parking lot to help aid in safety, maintenance and traffic flow. We provide Wheel Stops in concrete, plastic, and rubber to meet the requirements and/or aesthetics of your project. 


Have questions about Curbs & Wheel Stops? Our experts are ready to be of service. Contact us today!
Shell Extruded Curb in Sumner. We provide top quality work. Therefore, our experts are ready to help.Certainly, we can handle any size job. Custom Curbs, indeed, are no problem.
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Certainly, we can handle any size job. Custom Curbs, indeed, are no problem.
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Founded in 1984, Stripe Rite is the leading full-service pavement marking company in the State of Washington. We have strategically located branch offices throughout the state in order to provide a local presence and reliable services to meet the time-sensitive needs of our customers. Stripe Rite has the reputation and infrastructure to complete any size project, from parking lots to parking garages, and local roads to state highways. We are experts in Curbs and Wheel Stops, Pavement Marking and Removal, Parking Lot Maintenance, Crack Filling and Sealcoating, Asphalt Patching and Paving, and Road Safety Improvements. In addition, Stripe Rite also offers Traffic Control services (available in Kennewick and Yakima) and has two Signage shops (located in Yakima and Spokane). We continue to evolve with the times to remain an industry leader you can rely on every day. We look forward to serving you.
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