Crack Sealing and Filling – Yakima, WA

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Here is our 3-man team – Jake Kirkpatrick, Oscar Galinda, Joel Rodriguez and Curtis Yarberry – carrying out an asphalt patch in Yakima for a HOA (Home Owners Association).

Yakima, WA Asphalt Street Patch by Stripe Rite
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Yakima Asphalt Patch Dump Truck
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Yakima Asphalt Patch Steamroller
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Stone Church Crack Sealing In Yakima
Stone Church’s parking lot after Stripe Rite performed crack sealing.
Warehouse Striping in Yakima
Striping inside of a building in Yakima.
The Yakima Office Building
Our Yakima office building.
Yakima Crack Sealing
Crack Sealing a parking lot in Yakima
Yakima Crack Sealing
Crack Sealing a parking lot in Yakima
Yakima Crack Sealing
Crack Sealing in Yakima

Serving The Yakima Community

The Yakima Valley climate is truly unique. We experience drastic seasonal temperature changes with average Winter temperatures hovering in the 30s and average Summer temperatures around the high 80s. These type of weather conditions, and the constant freeze-thaw cycle puts an extreme amount of stress on the pavement which can often lead to early cracks.

The best way to prevent these minor cracks from turning into bigger, more expensive problem areas is to routinely perform crack filling on an annual basis. View this sealing the same as you would staining your deck at home, it’s an investment to further the lifespan of your asphalt.

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Please contact our team to learn more about our professional crack sealing and filling services. Whether you’re in West Valley, Terrace Heights, or up in Selah, we are conveniently located near the heart of downtown and able to serve anyone in the Yakima Valley area.