Pavement Marking Removal

From changing the channelization on an existing road, reconfiguring the way a parking lot is laid out, preparing a surface for an overlay or removing rubber from an airfield, Stripe Rite is ready to remove whatever markings you no longer desire.

Grinder Pavement Marking Removal

Grinder Pavement Marking Removal project by Stripe Rite

Hydroblast Pavement Marking Removal

Shot Blast Pavement Marking Removal


Past Pavement Marking Projects

Below are photos taken by our crew of the various pavement marking removal projects we’ve worked on around the State of Washington.

Stripe Rite employees remove pavement in Snoqualmie
Pictured above are Stripe Rite employees, Tony Jordan and Dupree Lacey, working on a grinding removal in project for the City of Snoqualmie.