Road Safety Improvements

Grooved Pavement Markings

Another way to help preserve the life and durability of the material, typically a type of plastic. By grinding a groove in the surface, we are able to insert the material just below the surface. This allows the material to last longer due to less wear.

Recessed Pavement Markings

These are the same markers we use for the Raised Pavement Markers, the only difference is the pavement is recessed to allow a place for the marker to sit under or flush with the pavement. This application helps keep maintenance costs down by keeping the markers on the road even after the snow plows clear the roads during the winter.

Rumble Strip Cuts

Rumble Strip Cuts on Highway by Stripe Rite

These cuts in the pavement are an added safety feature normally seen on either side of an Interstate or down the center of a highway.  The intent is to alert drivers they are no longer in their own lane.

Speed Bumps

In a parking lot or on a street we can provide and install both rubber and asphalt speed bumps to meet your needs.