Seal Coating – Monroe, Washington

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The following seal coat project was done for the local home owner in Monroe, Washington. He is also the superintendent for a general contractor that Stripe Rite does a great deal of work for.

Seal coat project in Monroe, WA by Stripe Rite
Seal Coat Driveway: Monroe, WA – View 1
Seal Coat Driveway in Monroe Washington by Stripe Rite
Seal Coat Driveway: Monroe, WA – View 2
Seal Coat Driveway Monroe Washington
Monroe Driveway – View 3

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Seal coating is a great way to protect your asphalt driveway. Because Monroe sees a lot of rain during the year, your driveway can begin to fade in color, or even develop cracks and holes. When it rains, the asphalt begins to oxidize and lose its color. By seal coating, you can protect your driveway from the Pacific Northwest rain. Not only does seal coating protect the asphalt from future damage, but it also provides curb appeal.

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