According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s not-in-traffic surveillance system, there has been an average of over 1,600 deaths each year as a result of non-traffic accidents. Non-traffic accidents are types of crashes that occur off the public roadways, such as in parking lot facilities.

Parking lot signs

A well-organized parking lot can prevent accidents, direct traffic and helps ensure the overall safety of anyone entering or leaving. The quality and visibility of your parking lot signs play an important part in the appearance and safety of your property. Here’s why:

Why Signs are Needed for Parking Lots?

Proper signage communicates messages in a concise and simple manner. Without signs, your parking lot would be in a constant state of disorder. This can result in the increased likelihood of vehicle accidents, collisions and injuries.

When entering a parking lot, motorists highly depend on the proper signage to help direct them to the right area. Signs designate reserved parking areas, notify drivers of handicap spaces and provide direction for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Types of Parking Lot Signs You Need

Parking lot signage informs and directs drivers about different restrictions in the parking lot. Signs that are commonly used in parking lots include but are not limited to:

  • Pedestrian Crossing: Pedestrian Crossing reminds drivers that people are actively walking to and from your business to their vehicles.
  • Fire Lane: Depending on the parking lot, certain areas next to your business may need to be reserved for the fire department and other emergency vehicles. Posting fire lane signs alert employees, customers and visitors that the area must be kept clear at all times.
  • Handicap Parking: According to the ADA, one accessible sign is needed for every 25 spaces. Each handicap parking spot should have have accompanying reserved parking sign.
  • Stop Signs: Stop signs are one of the most common types of signage. These assist in preventing any unsafe driving in the parking lot, such as speeding. Stop signs should be posted at the exit of your lot to remind drivers to check the traffic around them.
  • Parking Signs: These are for informational and directional parking, such as back-in or angle, no-parking, and time-limit parking restrictions.

Other types that can typically be found in parking lots also consist of enter/exit signs, tow-away signs, do not block signs, additional parking in back and visitor parking. Our Stripe Rite team can provide signage and pavement marking planning for your parking lot.

Where Should Signs be Installed?

The proper placement of parking lot signs is important to ensure all employees and visitors can clearly see the signs. According to Washington State Department of Transportation, the sign must be sufficiently spaced to allow the driver enough time for making the required decision and safely execute the maneuver. Signs should always be perpendicular to the viewer. It must be visible during the day or night. The sign must also be seen in all weather conditions, away from any irrigation sprinklers and landscaping, such as trees or shrubs.

Contact Stripe Rite for Your Parking Lot Sign Needs in Washington State

It should go without saying that signs are incredibly important for the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on your parking lot. Along with being Washington’s leading pavement marking experts, Stripe Rite is a full-service sign shop. We have locations throughout the state, including in Bremerton, Sumner, Spokane, Kennewick and Yakima.

With more than thirty years of experience in the industry, Stripe Rite provides dedicated services for all your traffic signage needs. Stripe Rite has the equipment, skill and knowledge to handle the job. Contact us today to learn more about parking lot signs and how we can support you.

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