Kennewick Little League Team Goes to World Series With Stripe Rite’s Help

It’s one thing to have talent, and it’s another thing to be able to use it.

The 12 and under Kennewick American baseball team definitely has talent. July 14th kicked off a regional tournament in Kennewick, WA to determine who makes it to the 2016 Cal Ripken World Series in Aberdeen, Maryland. To say the very least, the Kennewick American team played well. They won their first two games by an average of 13 runs. Needless to say, they won the tournament. The team will now represent Team Pacific Northwest in the World Series.

Which brings us back to our original point. It’s a big deal to win a regional tournament and earn a spot in the World Series. But it’s also a big deal to pay for a full roster of boys, their parents, and maybe some siblings, to ship out to Maryland. That’s where companies like Stripe Rite come in. Stripe Rite, and those who work here, know how important baseball is to building both community and character. So when the Kennewick American baseball team reached out to the community for help supporting their trip, Stripe Rite didn’t hesitate to pitch in. Without help from us and others like us, the Kennewick American team wouldn’t be able to focus on what matters; kicking butt.

Kennewick Little League Baseball Team