Tired of Traffic? Here’s How We Can Help

traffic cones

Is there anything worse than messy traffic areas? It’s irritating, it’s anxiety-inducing, it is no fun. Stripe Rite’s Traffic Control division offers the services you need to keep traffic flowing.

What is Traffic Control?

Traffic control is any kind of tool or technology that is used to manipulate the flow of traffic on a roadway beyond the traditional traffic lights and road signs. Traffic control service materials range from panels, barricades, delineators, and message boards, as well as safety apparel, cones, and signs. All of these materials alter the roads to keep traffic moving, keep road workers safe, and to alert drivers of possible obstacles on the road.

How Does Traffic Control Help?

Traffic control services help reduce traffic congestion and keep the roads safe. Traffic control services help drivers understand what’s going on in high-traffic areas as well as in road construction zones. All of this cuts down on the problems that lead to the traffic we all hate.

Stripe Rite’s Traffic Control Division offers full-scale services across the state and is run out of our Kennewick and Yakima locations. Our team works together, serving the roadways of eastern Washinton. We have rental equipment, TCS’s, flaggers and we can also provide traffic control plans.

Contact our Yakima or Kennewick office today to discuss your traffic control needs.