Why You Need Traffic Control Services for Your Job Site

Work or construction zones can be dangerous, if not planned out correctly. The Federal Highway Administration reports that an average of 750 people lose their life from work zone-related accidents or crashes. When it comes to work zones, effective and professional traffic control becomes a necessity to ensure the safety of motorists, pedestrians and employees.

While we’re known as Washington’s leading pavement marking company, Stripe Rite also offers full-scale traffic control services from our Kennewick and Yakima locations.

Traffic control devices at construction zone

What are Traffic Control Devices?

Traffic control devices are often markers or signs that inform and guide traffic for the safety of motorists. Here are some common examples of traffic control devices:

  • Traffic signs: These are signs that use words or symbols to convey information to road users.
  • Variable message signs: Variable message signs are electronic traffic sign that exhibits messaging according to specific conditions of the road. They are often used in work zones or events that disrupt traffic.
  • Channelizing devices: Types of channelizing devices include traffic cone, barrels, arrow boards and barricades.

Why You Need Traffic Control Plans

Having a traffic control plan (TCP) is incredibly important on a job site. A TCP labels how traffic controls need to be used in facilitating vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow through a temporary work zone. Without a comprehensive traffic plan, your job site may be chaotic, which increases the risk of someone getting hurt.

The Washington Department of Transportation maintains strict guidelines for maintenance operations. This includes work zone speed limits, worker safety protection and proper signage.

The Importance of Trained & Certified Flaggers

While signs are usually the first point of communication for drivers passing through a construction zone, flaggers are at the second line of attention. Arguably, flaggers have the most responsible job in traffic control, as they often deal with opposing traffic.  Professional and certified flaggers are trained in traffic management to support efficient traffic flow.

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