Funny Traffic Signs

At Stripe Rite, one of our main goals is to ensure safe travel across our great state of Washington. One of the primary tools that make our mission a reality is the use of traffic signs. Everyone is familiar with traffic lights, and the iconic STOP sign, but there are many other traffic signs we do not see every day. This week’s Stripe Rite blog takes a look at the lighter side of traffic signs, with some of the strangest and funniest traffic signs from around the globe!

Buggy Signs 

Buggy Signs

While this may seem old-fashioned, signs warning drivers of horse-drawn buggies are actually much more common than you’d think, especially in the Northeast, and around other areas with strong Amish populations. The Amish are a group of people who are much more reticent about adopting certain modern technologies, including cars. If you’re in Pennsylvania, upstate New York, or the Midwest, keep your eyes peeled for these charming blasts from the past! 

Falling Coconut Warning

Falling Coconut Signs

Why are these pedestrians running from projectile coconuts? This quirky road sign from Honolulu Hawaii educates tourists and locals alike to an unknown danger. Who would expect that coconuts are also dangerous falling objects? A coconut to the head or car may seem unlikely, but especially during a storm falling coconuts pose a real threat. They can really hurt someone and do some serious damage to cars. Thanks to this helpful sign, hopefully, fewer and fewer people will experience a bizarre coconut accident. 

Watch For Falling Cows

Falling Cows Signs

If you thought a falling coconut was a strange road sign, this sign, from Democrat Hot Springs, California, takes that strangeness even further. That is indeed a falling cow, and yes, this is a real issue. Hillsides can become slick after heavy rain, and for roads nearby these hills, the possibility of falling cows is very real. Good luck telling your insurance about this one, if you’re one of the unlucky few to actually suffer from a falling cow. 

While these road signs may be funny, road safety is no joke. If your road, construction site or parking lot needs a sign contact Stripe Rite today!

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