Who Are GNR Technologies, and What Do They Do?

Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety

In the road safety industry, few things are more important than having reliable materials that our customers can trust. Our team of technicians has the skills and expertise to correctly and successfully complete your project by using the best products on the market. When it comes to our suppliers, we want to ensure full customer satisfaction and trust. We regularly work with GNR Technologies, a Quebec, Canada based company that offers rubber parking lot safety solutions. Their unmatched industry offerings are perfectly aligned with our ‘safety-first’ mentality. 

Our Work Together

In working with GNR Technologies, Stripe Rite is able to provide our customers with some of the best products. A few of the products we use regularly are the Easy Rider speed bumps and Park It car stops. The Easy Rider speed bumps slow cars down to 2-5 miles per hour, keeping pedestrians and driver’s safe. The Park It car stops are the best commercial option for garages, driveways, parking lots or carports. Our relationship with GNR Technologies is incredibly beneficial and sets the standard for safer roads across Washington State. Find out more about the GNR Technologies services

Who Are GNR Technologies?

GNR Technologies manufactures and sells high-quality products, that are molded through compression, and primarily made from recycled rubber and fibers. By using recycled materials, GNR Technologies keeps more than 10 million pounds of rubber tires out of landfills every year. Their products include: 

  • speed bumps
  • manhole rings
  • anti-vibration pads
  • wheel chocks
  • bumpers for loading docks
  • bases for signposts
  • and much more

Whether you’re in Bremerton, Kennewick, Spokane, Sumner, or Yakima, Stripe Rite is Washington State’s leading pavement marking company. Thanks to our connections with other safety companies like GNR Technologies, we’re able to offer a full range of asphalt maintenance, parking lot safety, and road repair services. Contact us today if you’re looking for anything that falls under this umbrella!