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Tips to Winterizing & Maintaining Your Asphalt

Maintaining your asphalt parking lot is critical with winter here. Of all the things that winter brings to your business, snow is a tricky one to work around. Our Kennewick & Yakima Stripe Rite branches offer Parking Lot Maintenance Services such as asphalt patching, de-icing, and snow removal. Minor fixes done now will save you money on major repairs in the long run. Therefore, we have come up with a list of tips based on decades of experience that can help parking lot owners ensure your parking lot survives winter.
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Before any major storms roll into the Pacific Northwest, look at your parking lot. Any cracks you see on the surface are places that snow, water, and ice get into and cause bigger problems; like becoming potholes. A professional can find issues and take care of them before they cause other problems for you.


Rocks and debris can cause plow blades to gouge or scratch your pavement; which can cause cracking. Take the time now to sweep your lot and remove large rocks before the first snowfall. This can help reduce future maintenance costs on your asphalt.


Our experienced crews will help keep your road or parking lot as functional as possible by focusing on the smaller patches and potholes. We offer hot asphalt patching, and when temperatures fall, we also offer cold patching to ensure that your parking lot remains flawless.
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It is important to make sure that your lot is cleared or shoveled. Waiting for it to pack and freeze exposes your lot to damage from the freeze-thaw cycle. Removing it quickly can reduce the chances of damage to your asphalt. If you are in the Kennewick & Yakima area, contact your local Stripe Rite for Snow Removal Services to let us help keep your lots clear.
De-icing agents may be great for you and your customers, but they can be bad for the environment and your asphalt or pavement. Our Kennewick & Yakima Stripe Rite branches utilize a number of different methods, based on our customers need, to help get rid of ice in order to keep the area in question safe. If Stripe Rite isn’t in your area, make sure to ask your De-Icing company plenty of questions to make sure your asphalt is kept safe as possible.
Keep that Asphalt maintained, and you will be saving yourself a lot of future hassle!
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