Our Services

At Stripe Rite, we strive to provide top-tier services for residents, contractors, general contractors, public agencies (state, city, etc.) and business owners from all around the great Pacific Northwest thanks to our broad reach and trusted brand name. From our corporate office in Sumner to our office in Bremerton, all the way over to the east side of the Cascade Mountains in Kennewick and Yakima.

Our top priority is to remain the most dependable and reliable pavement marking company in the state of Washington and beyond while providing superior services that are second to none as we continue to evolve with the times. While pavement marking established our success in 1984, we have become extremely well diversified with highly developed service processes that allow for maximum efficiency and quality regardless of which service listed below our trained professionals are performing. Call us today and learn about the value Stripe Rite can provide for you.

  • Adding safety to parking lots and roads is one of our top priorities. By adding our extruded curbs, precast
    traffic curbs or wheel stops you can help protect people, vehicles, landscaping, buildings and more!

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  • GNR Technologies only uses recycled rubber tires to provide their cost-effective parking safety solutions.
    From bollard covers to easy rider bumps; park it car stops to wall guards- we have it! GNR Technologies keeps
    more than 10 million pounds of rubber tires out of landfills every year resulting in safer parking lots and a
    cleaner environment.

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  • Our experienced crew can help patch pot holes to keep your road or parking lot in pristine condition. We
    also offer crack sealing, de-icing services (in Eastern Washington), seal coating and snow removal(Eastern
    Washington). All of these services are quick and easy ways to drastically increase the appearance of your

    Parking Lot Maintenance

  • Whether you have a small parking lot, a playground, a road, a long driveway or happen to own an airfield
    don’t hesitate to give us a call. Pavement marking is our bread and butter and we have the experience and
    equipment to handle whatever size job you have.

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  • There are three primary methods to remove pavement markings: Grinding, hydro blasting and shot blasting. It
    takes experience and care when selecting the correct method so the pavement is left with minimal scarring.
    Our state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff will make quick work of your unwanted pavement

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  • It’s essential to take safety precautions with your roads. Our crews specialize in implementing grooved
    pavement markings, recessed pavement markings, rumble strip cuts and speed bumps. Any of these additions will
    make your roads safer for every driver, regardless of their vehicle.

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  • Whether it’s a onetime deal, to make the site look better, or if you’re on a regular maintenance program,
    seal coat can add great curb appeal and life to the existing asphalt. Stripe Rite offers seal coating
    services throughout Washington from our Sumner, Bremerton, Yakima and Kennewick location.


  • We bet you didn’t know that Stripe Rite also has a full service sign shop. We keep our costs at a minimum
    and deliver the highest quality signage possible. All of our products are acceptable by the Washington State
    Department of Transportation, so we can make and install whichever sign is necessary for the job.

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  • Keep your parking lots and roads clean with our sweeping services! We can provide one time only, daily,
    weekly or monthly sweeping so you won’t have to worry about performing the task yourself.

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  • Have an event coming up? We offer complete traffic control services ranging from rental equipment to
    flaggers. Ensure you keep traffic safe and moving when you use Stripe Rite’s traffic control services.

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